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Player Rank Alliance Colony Coordinates
Adm Yo Yo Dot's Grandpa (pn) 30TSWCurtiss/Danika[1:18:19]
Adm Yo Yo Dot's Grandpa (pn) 30TSW◐ ◑ ◒ ◓ Alldow‎ 1[1:18:19m]
Adm Yo Yo Dot's Grandpa (n) 22TSWHannah[1:153:20]
Adm Yo Yo Dot's Grandpa (n) 22TSW◐ ◑ ◒ ◓ My Wife will 1[1:153:20m]
Adm Yo Yo Dot's Grandpa (n) 22TSWHephaestus[2:160:17h]
Adm Yo Yo Dot's Grandpa (n) 22TSWColony[2:160:3]
Adm Yo Yo Dot's Grandpa (n) 22TSWMoon[2:160:3m]
Adm Yo Yo Dot's Grandpa (n) 22TSWPerry[2:160:4]
Adm Yo Yo Dot's Grandpa (n) 22TSW◐ ◑ ◒ ◓ ktm 1[2:160:4m]
Adm Yo Yo Dot's Grandpa (N) 22TSWNolan[3:160:4]
Adm Yo Yo Dot's Grandpa (N) 22TSW◐ ◑ ◒ ◓ Simone 1[3:160:4m]
Adm Yo Yo Dot's Grandpa (pn) 51TSWTrinity/Izzy[4:202:6]
Adm Yo Yo Dot's Grandpa (pn) 51TSW◐ ◑ ◒ ◓ Osiris 1[4:202:6m]
Adm Yo Yo Dot's Grandpa22TSWAydan/Jeremiah[5:69:11]
Adm Yo Yo Dot's Grandpa22TSW◐ ◑ ◒ ◓ Osiris 2[5:69:11m]
Adm Yo Yo Dot's Grandpa (n) 74TSWAlex/Kaydan[5:474:1]
Adm Yo Yo Dot's Grandpa (n) 74TSW◐ ◑ ◒ ◓ Clyde ™ 2[5:474:1m]
Admiral Typo (n) 49TSWGropey McGropeFace[1:29:6]
Admiral Typo (N) 53TSWPlanetIsMadeOfBuggers[2:29:15]
Admiral Typo (N) 53TSWUSSgreen BuggerMaster[2:29:16h]
Admiral Typo (N) 53TSWPlanetMadeOf Cooties[2:29:17]
Admiral Typo (N) 53TSWMadeOfCootiesToo[2:29:17m]
Admiral Typo (n) 59TSWResist[3:29:12]
Admiral Typo (n) 59TSWorion;s belt[3:29:12m]
Admiral Typo (n) 59TSWThe RussianMadeMeDoIT[3:29:19]
Admiral Typo (n) 59TSWlookAway...LookAway[3:29:19m]
Admiral Typo (n) 90TSWFinaly[4:34:1]
Admiral Typo (n) 90TSWColony[4:34:7]
Admiral Typo (n) 63TSWMY[5:29:12]
Admiral Typo (n) 63TSWPutinsListening[5:29:8]
Admiral Typo (n) 63TSWTrump help Putin a lot[5:29:8m]
Alldow (n) 31TSWColony[1:42:13]
Alldow (n) 31TSWMoon[1:42:13m]
Alldow (n) 31TSWjeeper[1:42:18]
Alldow (n) 31TSWMoon[1:42:18m]
Alldow (n) 31TSWcreepers[1:42:20]
Alldow (n) 31TSWMoon[1:42:20m]
Alldow (n) 31TSWthumper[1:72:20]
Alldow (n) 31TSWMoon[1:72:20m]
Alldow (N) 34TSWbang[2:125:13]
Alldow (N) 34TSWMoon[2:125:13m]
Alldow (N) 34TSWjumper[2:125:20]
Alldow (N) 34TSWMoon[2:125:20m]
Alldow (n) 47TSWhelp[3:228:10]
Alldow (n) 47TSWMoon[3:228:10m]
Alldow (n) 47TSWpeper[3:228:15]
Alldow (n) 47TSWMoon[3:228:15m]
Alldow (n) 31TSW8 days a week[4:69:4]
Alldow (n) 31TSWMoon[4:69:4m]
az (n) 19TSW1.2a[1:72:4]
az (n) 19TSWMom's Dust Bunny[1:72:4m]
az19TSWFajita Fuqua[1:250:5]
az19TSWYour Mom's Moon[1:250:5m]
az (N) 24TSW2.2A[2:249:20]
az (N) 24TSWSS Stupid[2:249:20m]
az (n) 27TSW2.B[2:250:6]
az (n) 27TSWMiddle Moon[2:250:6m]
az (n) 27TSWAbsolutely[2:260:20]
az (n) 27TSWNothing to See[2:260:20m]
az (n) 19TSW3.3a[3:250:5]
az (n) 19TSW3.3m[3:250:5m]
az (N) 33TSW4.270[4:252:20]
az (N) 33TSW4Where are the Bunnies?[4:252:20m]
az (n) 26TSW5.20Z[5:249:20]
az (n) 26TSW5 Ender's Jam[5:249:20m]
az (n) 46TSWFoundation[5:376:20]
az (n) 46TSWExspanse[5:376:20m]
Colonel Sanders (n) 44TSWKronos[1:72:9]
Colonel Sanders (n) 44TSWPraxis[1:72:9m]
Colonel Sanders (n) 44TSWRomulus[1:152:11]
Colonel Sanders (n) 44TSWRemus[1:152:11m]
Colonel Sanders (n) 44TSWCardassia[1:152:19]
Colonel Sanders (N) 47TSWBetazed[2:152:14]
Colonel Sanders (N) 47TSWBajor[2:152:16]
Colonel Sanders (N) 47TSWDerna[2:152:16m]
Colonel Sanders (N) 47TSWVulcan[2:152:9]
Colonel Sanders (N) 47TSWFerenginar[3:152:3]
Colonel Sanders (N) 47TSWMoon[3:152:3m]
Colonel Sanders (N) 47TSWRisa[3:152:6]
Colonel Sanders (N) 47TSWMoon[3:152:6m]
Colonel Sanders (N) 47TSWHaven[3:152:9]
general worg (in) 85TSWTitus[3:18:10]
general worg (in) 85TSW256[3:18:11]
general worg (in) 85TSWKJV[3:18:12]
general worg (in) 85TSW223[3:18:13]
general worg (in) 85TSW257[3:18:14]
general worg (in) 85TSWKJV Bible[3:18:15]
general worg (in) 85TSWMoon[3:18:15m]
general worg (in) 85TSW223[3:18:8]
general worg (in) 85TSWColony[3:18:9]
Hodor10TSWho there[1:72:1]
Hodor10TSWmarshall mathers[1:72:1m]
Hodor10TSWWhere did my friend go[1:286:3m]
Hodor10TSWHot pursuit[2:35:14m]
Hodor10TSWbikini beach[2:160:19]
Hodor10TSWChilly willy[2:160:19m]
Hodor10TSWNice heph in slot 11[2:162:1]
Hodor10TSWBag of honor[2:162:20m]
Hodor10TSWbikini bottom[2:162:5]
Hodor10TSWmy bag is loco[2:162:5m]
Hodor10TSWWon't you[3:45:2]
Hodor10TSWBee mine[3:45:2m]
Jeylah (N) 30TSWAstrolabe[1:93:6]
Jeylah (N) 30TSWAZimuth[1:93:6m]
Jeylah (N) 30TSWAkkai[1:203:5]
Jeylah (N) 30TSWAZ-oth[1:203:5m]
Jeylah (n) 24TSWNew Neighbour[2:162:16]
Jeylah (n) 24TSWSanders 1st shot[2:162:16m]
Jeylah (n) 31TSWAhua[2:203:5]
Jeylah (n) 31TSWChak Chel[2:203:5m]
Jeylah (n) 24TSWLepidoptera[2:330:20]
Jeylah (n) 24TSWMoMothy[2:330:20m]
Jeylah (n) 39TSWColony[3:312:9]
Jeylah (n) 39TSWMoon[3:312:9m]
Jeylah (n) 33TSWMix[5:21:2]
Jeylah (n) 31TSWOphiucus[5:220:20]
Jeylah (n) 31TSWSandmoon[5:220:20m]
Marqus (n) 24TSWGrowly Owly Grizzy Bear[4:39:20]
Marqus (n) 24TSWTypo's Present![4:39:20m]
My Wife will Kill Me Uh O (In) 29TSWColony[1:42:11]
My Wife will Kill Me Uh O (In) 29TSWI'm so confused?! (LOL)[1:42:6]
My Wife will Kill Me Uh O (In) 29TSWBOrdello of confusion[2:330:7]
My Wife will Kill Me Uh O (In) 29TSW#3 Toy Poodle[3:45:20]
My Wife will Kill Me Uh O (In) 29TSWgreat Poodle[3:45:9]
My Wife will Kill Me Uh O (N) 29TSWColony[5:50:20]
My Wife will Kill Me Uh O (In) 29TSWColony[5:69:7]
Neo (n) 84TSWColony[2:69:1]
Neo (n) 84TSWNumber 11[2:69:1m]
Neo (n) 84TSWColony[2:69:2]
Neo (n) 84TSWMoon[2:69:2m]
Neo (n) 84TSWColony[2:69:5]
Neo (n) 84TSWColony[2:70:1]
Neo (in) 56TSWColony[5:41:1]
Neo (in) 56TSWMoon[5:41:1m]
Neo (in) 56TSWColony[5:43:1]
Neo (in) 56TSWMoon[5:43:1m]
Neo (in) 56TSWColony[5:50:1]
Neo (in) 56TSWMoon[5:50:1m]
Orion Macleod (n) 45TSWAngels[2:12:7]
Orion Macleod (n) 45TSWMichael[2:12:7m]
Orion Macleod (n) 46TSWArchangels[2:112:5]
Orion Macleod (n) 46TSWPrincipalities[2:112:6]
Orion Macleod (n) 46TSWDeath comes for us all[2:112:6m]
Orion Macleod (n) 46TSWPowers[2:112:7]
Orion Macleod (n) 46TSWSeraphim[2:212:7]
Orion Macleod (n) 46TSWHold the door![2:212:7m]
Orion Macleod (n) 46TSWCherubim[2:212:8]
Orion Macleod (n) 57TSWThrones[2:312:7]
Orion Macleod (n) 57TSWGabriel[2:312:7m]
Orion Macleod (n) 57TSWDominions[2:312:8]
Orion Macleod (n) 41TSWVirtues[2:412:8]
Orion Macleod (n) 41TSWCassiel[2:412:8m]
Thumar (IN) 6TSWgood[1:39:17]
Thumar (IN) 6TSWMoon[1:39:17m]
Thumar (IN) 6TSWColony[1:43:17]
Thumar (IN) 6TSWMoon[1:43:17m]
Thumar (IN) 6TSWColony[2:41:15]
Thumar (IN) 6TSWMoon[2:41:15m]
thundercat (n) 65TSWColony[1:5:5]
thundercat (n) 69TSWTHUNDERBALL[1:6:13]
thundercat (n) 65TSWThunderstruck[1:7:12]
thundercat (n) 65TSWthunderdome[1:7:14]
thundercat (n) 65TSWThunderpants[1:7:5]
thundercat (N) 82TSWColony[1:8:18]
thundercat (N) 82TSWColony[1:8:6]
thundercat (N) 82TSWMoon[1:8:6m]
thundercat (n) 85TSWColony[1:9:12]
thundercat (n) 69TSWColony[1:13:18]
Your Mom14TSW637 missiles[1:41:1]
Your Mom14TSWhehehehehe[1:41:1m]
Your Mom14TSWLost Thanatos[1:72:6]
Your Mom14TSWMemorial Grounds[1:72:6m]
Your Mom (n) 14TSWDeath by Charons![1:145:15]
Your Mom (n) 14TSWGeorge of the Jungle[1:145:15m]
Your Mom14TSWDust Bunny Hovel[1:213:2]
Your Mom14TSWDust Bunny Paradise[1:213:2m]
Your Mom14TSWHodor's Heroes[2:162:19]
Your Mom14TSWThis isn't a moon![2:162:19m]
Your Mom14TSWHear no bunnies[2:330:5]
Your Mom14TSWSee no bunnies[2:330:5m]
Your Mom14TSWColony[3:45:6]
Your Mom14TSWBordello Babe Bauble[3:45:6m]